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2010-02-04 (Thu)

WebSaver 2.5 – 64-bit attempt two

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WebSaver 2.5 is now available:

Finally, after patching Unimotion and turning on garbage collection, I have reports that WebSaver is working properly on 64-bit Snow Leopard machines.

As always, I was dependent on the kindness of others for the testing, since I don’t have a 64-bit Apple machine. Please let me know how you get on.

2009-09-06 (Sun)

Websaver 2.3 – Recompiled for 10.6

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Just a quick note to let you know that Websaver should now work on 10.6 64bit. The recompiled version is available here:

As you can see, I have moved the source to Google Code, and so any issues can be reported on the issues page.

Cheesy disclaimer: I don’t have a 10.6 64bit capable machine for testing :-( . Please let me know if it works.

2008-04-02 (Wed)

Google Street View Screen Saver

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Another Google Maps API based screen saver for WebSaver. Based on the recently released Street View API, this walks around a few US cities (NY, LA, SF and Boston to be exact). The movement is random, but a history is kept to avoid too much repeating.

View it at:

Google Street View Screen Saver

The Street View API is still pretty new, and it does seem to leak memory (under Safari 3), so this may slow down your system.

Now, this will be more fun when they get some cities I  know on it.

2008-03-29 (Sat)

YouTube Screen Saver

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YouTube Screen Saver SampleI have uploaded a YouTube page for WebSaver.

The base URL is, however you can control it by passing arguments at the end of the url:

mute=1 – Turns off the sound (usually a good idea)

rows=n – Sets the number of rows of videos to view. n can be any number that your system can handle

cols=n – Sets the number of columns of video. Again – limit is up to your system

For example – my favourite is 3×2 videos with mute:

One other feature – if you only have 1 video (rows=cols=1) then the page will use a cookie to remember your last position in the last video.

2008-03-24 (Mon)

WebSaver 2.1

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Websaver 2.1 is now available. Full details here.

Main addition is SMS support. If you have a laptop with the Sudden Motion Sensor, the screen saver can now send these events to the web-page as cursor input.

This is primarily for the google-maps saver page:

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