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2010-10-08 (Fri)

csshX 0.73

Filed under: Software — Gavin Brock @ 10:10 am

It’s been a while since I’ve actually pulled together a release, but thanks to everyone’s great feedback and encouraging messages, there are a bunch of new features and bug-fixes that need to get out of the SVN tree.

–> Download:csshX 0.73 <–

New Features:

  • Configurable Ctrl character – if you don’t like Ctrl-A, (maybe it makes using screen to hard?) you can change it using action_key
  • Terminal settings sets – You can choose an alternative terminal settings set (colors, fonts, etc) to use, instead of the default, when opening csshX terminal windows. One use case is to have a settings set without the audible bell, so csshX doesn’t deafen you when you trigger a beep in 20 windows). See master_settings_set and slave_settings_set
  • Hosts files – you can provide a list of hosts to connect to, and optionally remote commands to run, in a file or even piped through stdin. See hosts.
  • More window sorting options – including interleave so you can have your terminals sorted vertically instead of horizontally

Bug fixes:

  • Many spelling corrections – thanks to Mitch Silverstein
  • Reduced memory footprint of the slaves by delaying the loading of modules (15MB per slave, down to 6MB on my box)
  • Fixed spaces support on 64bit machines
  • Fixed layout gaps on multi-monitor systems


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