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2008-04-12 (Sat)

More on Ordnance Survey Tile Usage

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Here’s a summary of the usage yesterday: (Interesting to note that the counter resets at 23:00 GMT)

Ordnance Survey Usage for 2008/04/11

Looking at requests for the overlay, there are 94 users with less than 20 request. (1 request = 7×7 tiles excluding users cached tiles).

The following are the request count and IP addresses of users with 20 or more requests:

20 84.69.103.x
20 86.136.83.x
21 91.84.9.x
22 81.86.216.x
23 195.27.20.x
23 203.165.206.x
23 88.107.15.x
24 84.92.174.x
25 138.32.176.x
25 82.44.67.x
25 86.137.40.x
26 81.138.87.x
30 81.151.198.x
31 62.49.203.x
33 80.229.157.x
33 89.145.247.x
34 89.181.124.x
35 217.171.129.x
36 86.132.152.x
36 86.140.43.x
37 87.114.4.x
42 161.71.121.x
43 90.195.207.x
50 77.221.165.x
52 82.33.182.x
57 83.104.62.x
62 161.71.121.x
69 86.141.63.x
119 86.2.107.x
136 82.11.47.x
969 129.215.2.x
1104 86.158.176.x

So it initially looks like a couple of users are using the vast majority of the tile quota. However that may not be the whole truth. Those IP addresses might be shard by many users (e.g. a proxy), or they may be requesting the same tiles repeatedly (which are cached), and so not adding to the usage.

I’ll keep looking.. The moral so far: use this service before 5pm GMT!


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  1. Gavin,

    Great app! I was wondering whether you feel comfortable posting the code running the back-end? I am quite keen to set up a local server for my own personal use.

    Also wondering why you are mucking around with OS maps while you are in Japan ;-)

    Comment by Koejawel — 2008-08-26 (Tue) @ 2:42 am | Reply

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